Personal trainer Ken Malmstrom - Testamonials

Whether you're a beginner just starting out or a national level athlete, ​Ken orchestrates a perfect workout tailored to your specific goals. Here are a variety of Ken's students  describing the Fitness 101 experience. 

Fitness 101 students speak about what it's like working with Ken Malmstrom. Check out all the testimonial's and get ready to add your very own! 

Maryanne - In Shape After Twins

Incredibly gratifying. It’s fun, challenging and you get results. I'm buying clothes in a smaller size than before I was pregnant with twins! 

Removing The Confusion

I'm not stressed about what to eat, what to feed my family, my thyroid is in remission, we've lost weight. This has been a life changing experience for us. 


There is no going back. Forget what you have learned! This stuff will blow your mind!

Steven Looi

Finally Enjoying Workouts!

Ken is so in tune with my limits. He pushes me just a little bit further so I have to reach that next level.  It's fantastic.


I Want More! ​This stuff works! 

This stuff works! Unlike any other fitness program I have ever experienced, Ken is the best!

Jason middleton

Olympic Contender Keeping Up His Game.

When I was training for the Olympics I used to burn through trainers and workouts all day long. These workouts keep me in competition mode!