Offering a gourmet menu of health & wellness solutions at your home.

Fitness 101 is a culmination of over 25 years’ practice, research and collaboration.  Together we  make the journey toward your goals unstoppable!

in home personal training

Your Time


Full on-site, in home personal training & nutrition services provided by Fitness 101 allows you train and learn on your own time. Whether you're a morning person or prefer to work out in the afternoon or evening, flexible schedules allow you to workout when you're ready. No worries about getting somewhere either, let Ken do the driving and bring the gym to the comfort of your home.

Your Space


You control the environment.  You may choose to train in the privacy of your home, workplace, or outdoors. The choice is yours. All the necessary equipment is provided to facilitate a full body workout.  Turn on the music you like and get ready for the best workouts of your life!

Your Trainer


Ken's vast experience and endless knowledge as a fitness specialist is surpassed only by his incredible passion for what he does. The creativity and excitement he brings to a workout turns hard work into a fun and rewarding experience.




Every one of my students receives nutritional coaching and support when they begin training with me. Fitness 101 nutrition strategies will teach you what foods to eat to improve the function of your body and what foods to avoid that damage your metabolism.  ​
You will learn how easy it is to make permanent changes in your diet to achieve the best health possible – with a side effect of losing weight and looking great! 

Fitness 101 nutrition programs introduce you to mouth watering flavourful dishes comprised of the healthiest foods on the planet. It all begins with a custom analysis of the foods you are currently eating, I then match your tastes to wholesome healing foods making your transition to total health both seamless, simple and sustainable.

You will eat food that will:

Promote weight loss
Reduce your cravings
Boost your metabolism
Burn fat
Keep  you energized between meals
Leave you feeling satisfied, not bloated

Grocery Gathering


To make it even easier for you to succeed & stay on track, I offer  Grocery Gathering outings for my students. I will show you exactly where to acquire the best local and organic foods to keep your fridge full of nutritious and delicious meal possibilities. I have established relationships with local food producers and retailers in Simcoe County, York Region & GTA in order to bring you the very best food. In addition I invite you to explore some of the meal ideas presented here on this website, think of it as a never ending cookbook. 

Cooking Demos


Eating a healthy diet involves cooking healthy food. New recipes and cooking methods can sometimes seem like a chore to tackle in our busy daily lives.  I will remove this barrier for you by taking your weekly meal plan and batch cooking WITH you if you like, everything you need to keep you on track for the week.  With a bit of initial guidance, you`ll be equipped to maintain your new vibrant healthy lifestyle.