Meet Ken

When speaking to Ken for the first time, you will immediately realize that he is the most authentic fitness professional you could ever possibly meet. He is a true representation of the wellness he wishes to share. Ken has dedicated his life to making his clients feel as good as he does. He is the trainer that will make working together on your journey towards your goals unstoppable.

Ken founded Fitness 101 in 1994. Since then it has become a culmination of over 25 years of’ practice, research, and collaboration. If you have an opportunity to work with Ken DO IT! It's a chance of a lifetime to change your life forever. 

-Renee Edwards



In 2009 Ken invented the Praxis. It sold in many of the big box fitness stores. It is a door anchor system that turns your exercise bands into a full gym by providing low, mid and high anchor points.  


When I was asked if I would build an aquaponics system that would promote increased access to affordable and nutritious food for the community, I strapped on my toolbelt and made it so.  Check out the video on this sustainable food system. Definably one of the coolest things I've ever built. 

Upstream Completed And Operational


Innisfil Kayak Club

Innisfil newcomer Ken Malmstrom is hoping to hit the water this summer with like-minded kayak enthusiasts.

He started the Innisfil Kayak Club on Facebook in April and now has 125 members. As a fitness and nutrition instructor who started a hiking club in Toronto, Malmstrom said people often ask what the best workouts are. "I say find something you love and go play."

Living in Innisfil now, he decided to get some camaraderie going here too. "I want people to get out there doing physical activities. I have some plans for excursions too, maybe to Sandbanks Provincial Park, it's picturesque and almost feels like you're somewhere else," he said. 

"I'd like to do sunrise paddles. It's spectacular -especially if you have glass like water."

All ages and experience are welcome, and you don't have to own a kayak to join.

He plans to host a few meet and greet nights before the season gets rolling.

"It's always better to be kayaking with more than one person."


Adventure Club Aims To Keep You Moving

Kayaking season is going strong on Lake Simcoe, but Innisfil Kayak Club founder Ken Malmstrom wants to keep the momentum going. 

Malmstrom is a fitness and nutrition instructor who moved here recently and started the kayak club to meet up with like minded paddlers.

"With the kayak club we had some amazing people come out this summer, seasoned paddlers offered tips to the beginners and it was wonderful to watch people grow with both their abilities and confidence," Malmstrom said.

Now, Malmstrom has started the Innisfil Adventure Club. 

"The idea of Innisfil Adventure Club is to get people moving all four seasons," Malmstrom said. 

Outings planned include finding local hiking grounds in Innisfil where members of the club can go, he said. 

"Also, road trips to Killarney Provincial Park and other outstanding places to hike and camp," Malmstrom said.

For those into mountain biking - or those who would like to start there are provincial forests that offer trails to various skill levels, and Malmstrom plans to explore several of them.  Join the Innisfil Adventure Club on Facebook



Amazing recipe's coming soon!